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Virginia Water Community Association

Protect Virginia Water

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Protect Virginia Water” is a group of resident volunteers determined to preserve and protect the quality of life, environment and interests of residents in the Virginia Water area.

The following plans are in progress or being considered for Virginia Water....

....... A Waste Incineration Plant/Factory
  Gravel Extraction
  Potential Library Closure
  Redevelopment of Virginia Water station (no planning application submitted yet)
  Fencing of Valley Gardens
  Redevelopment of Qinetiq site with 3,800 car parking spaces for 1.25 million square feet of office space and 1,200 residential homes
  Reclassification of Virginia Water from “Village” to “Town”

Each one of these proposals will result in

Even more traffic
More pollution
Loss in property value
Loss in quality of life

Prevent Virginia Water from becoming “Clone Town, UK”

If you think you can support the campaign please register your support here OR take action as follows....

Write to Philip Hammond, MP, House of Commons, LONDON, SW1A 0AA. Email:

Write to the local councillor, Elise Whiteley, County Hall, Penrhyn Rd., KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES, KT1 2DN. Email:

Tell your friends and neighbours.