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Protect Virginia Water - library closure

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VW Library - LATEST

The future of Virginia Water Library is still in our hands.  Surrey County Council has made a questionnaire available to get feedback from the community.  The questionnaire is available in the Library and online as well, it will take less than 5 minutes of your time and will support a very important part of our community.

This is another instance where volume of response will make a difference.  The last date for responding was 24 June 2006.


The Questionnaire on the future of Virginia Water Library is now available

People in Surrey and nationally, are changing the way they access books and information. The impact of the internet and discount book sales means that the use of Virginia Water Library has reduced by 26.2% in the last five years. Surrey County Council says it wants to offer local services that are relevant to Virginia Water and so have started to examine how we can best do that. They are looking at alternative ways of meeting local needs. Ideas include providing a mobile library service, co-locating the library with other local services, developing greater support from within the community or making better use of the current building.

This questionnaire is both for people who use or don't use Virginia Water Library and we would be most grateful if you could spend a few moments completing it. Your views matter to us.

The questionaire contains about 20 questions and will take about 10 minutes to complete. It is split into a number of pages. Try to answer as many questions as you can on each page. It is available for you to fill in at the Library or on-line here.

Can you please get as many of your family, friends and neighbours as possible to visit the Library and fill in a questionnaire or fill it online, being as positive as they possibly can on the important role the existing Library plays in our community and why Surrey County Council should rethink their proposal to close it.  Please encourage as many people as possible to join the Library, use the facilities that it provides, come to the coffee mornings every Tuesday morning, etc.

More details on the library services are available on the Surrey website here.

Please check this site regularly and register for updates, fundraising and volunteering efforts, and future town hall meeting dates.

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