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Protect Virginia Water - Valley gardens fencing

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There is growing anger amongst local residents that The Crown Estate are planning major changes in Windsor Great Park, not least fencing around the Valley Gardens (so that they can make a charge for entry), visitor pavilions at Virginia Water, (so that they can make money from refreshments and souvenirs), a Land Rover train, (for which presumably a charge will be made), nature trails, play areas, and 'new charges for the car parks'. Whilst a couple of these 'improvements' might be offered free of charge, the overall intention is to make more money. There is of course no need for the Crown Estate to make more money. It already turns in a handsome profit every year, £184 million in 2004/05.

As of May 2006 those plans have been shelved pending further investigation. Further details are available from the local action group - more details are available here.

The Royal Windsor Forum has lively debate - more details here.

If you think you can support the campaign please contact the Valley Gardens action group direct.