Heathrow 3rd Runway - Judicial Review


Heathrow 3rd Runway Judicial Review

The 3rd runway Judicial Review verdicts are expected this morning (May 1st), which may see the 3rd runway delayed or halted.

Whatever the Judicial Review outcome on the 3rd runway, Heathrow will continue to have an environmental impact on Englefield Green and surrounding areas.

Boundary changes mean that Englefield Green EAST will now only have two candidates (not three) and Englefield Green WEST will continue with three. Unusually all councillors are up for re-election.

How will you vote? Well we wouldn’t be impertinent enough to tell you – it’s your decision and a private matter. There are a number of questions you should consider when voting, not voting could mean you get someone in position that you don’t want.

Here are some considerations from a Heathrow environmental perspective, and no doubt you may wish to contact candidates to find out more about their manifesto: 

  • Does the candidate reside in an area where Heathrow Expansion is already having a negative impact? Are they subject to noise pollution with the change of flight paths? 
  • Does their manifesto/election literature cover Heathrow Expansion?
  • Does it state what they intend to do if elected to mitigate the effects of expansion? 
  • What has their position on Heathrow expansion been and what will they do to protect our village from the increased environmental harm from noise, air pollution and climate harming emissions - many councils and indeed the Welsh and Scottish Governments have already declared a climate emergency? 

You can find out who your local candidates are by visiting: https://www.runnymede.gov.uk/article/15698/Borough-Council-Elections-2019

Local elections should focus on local issues and the quality of local people who are working for us all to improve the place we have chosen to live. The elected councillors work hard, are not paid and put in a lot of effort for us all. Support them by ensuring a large turnout on May 2nd 2019 

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